MSX Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Managed Temperature Monitoring is a fully managed solution, we can take care of the installation, configuration, training and maintenance nationally. Wireless sensors can easily be installed in coolrooms, freezers, display cabinets and more.
Alarm notifications are sent instantly via SMS and email, and hourly summary reports can be sent daily to your inbox for compliance purposes.

Managed Temperature Monitoring Solves 3 Significant Problems:

• Finding out too late about an equipment malfunction can result in thousands of dollars worth of damage and product loss
• Manually checking and recording temperatures several times a day for food safety reporting can add up to hours of lost time
• Using paper to record temperature is error-prone and easy to lose of damage. Trying to find data later is a slow manual process

Our Solution has been developed in New Zealand to suit the needs of many industry groups including:

• Supermarkets and Convenience stores
• Food Processors and Manufacturers
• Hotels and Restaurants
• Fast Food Chains
• Laboratories -Pharmaceutical and Vaccine storage
• Cold Storage-warehousing, distribution and transport

MSX Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solution

MSX Wireless Temperature Monitoring

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