Vertical Display

Our Vertical Display coolers are available in single and double door options in a variety of sizes and capacities.

The new ICCOLD AU models have removable top mounted cassette refrigeration system for ease of servicing. The Procool UL1000 double door models are available in hinged or sliding door versions.

Sliding door models are a great option behind the counter where working space can be tight whilst still offering full product display to the customer.

Tefcold FS1220

$1,723.00 excl tax

Procool UL400AL

$1,845.00 excl tax

ICCOLD FC BS75 Chiller

$2,430.00 excl tax

Procool UL1000AL(S)

$2,990.00 excl tax

ICCOLD FC BD126 Chiller

$3,495.00 excl tax

ICCOLD FC BT188 Chiller

$4,850.00 excl tax