Specialty Products - Custom

Kinco is a leading custom build manufacturer based in Taiwan. Their main point of difference is their design, manufacture, assembly and testing processes are completed in house where quality control can be rigorously monitored.

Kinco manufacture predominantly in stainless steel and powder-coat finishes however they also produce their own marble and granite and bend their own glass meaning they can prove quick lead times in a variety of quality finish options.

Many of the leading global food chains have turned to Kinco for customised display case solutions. These include Starbucks, Gloria Jeans, Coffee Club, Carls Jnr and McCafe.

Kinco manufacture impressive display and storage cabinet solutions for a wide variety of applications including:

  • Bakeries and Cafes
  • Delis and Restaurants
  • Chocolate displays
  • Gelato and Icecream showcases
  • Specialty display and storage cabinets

Let us know your requirements and we'll provide a detailed solution to suit your needs and exceed your expectations.