Hospitality, Retail, Manufacturers & Wholesale

CoSell Limited design, supply and install Coolrooms and Freezer rooms for many general purpose applications such as:

  • Hospitality - Restaurant & Cafes
  • Manufacturers and Wholesalers
  • Combination rooms - display and storage where space is at a premium
  • Specialty temperature and humidification rooms
  • Blast Chillers and Freezers
  • Kitset Coolrooms and Freezers

Product Features

  • Quality commercial materials and components
  • Refrigeration from world leading manufacturers
  • After sales support and service

Product Options

  • General purpose coolrooms and freezer rooms suitable for Hospitality - Cafes, Restaurants, Bars, Retail
  • Storage coolrooms and freezers suitable for product storage, manufacturing, food processing
  • Specialty temperature & humidity controlled rooms for manufacturing, processing and storage
  • Blast chillers and freezer for Food processing
  • Kitset Coolrooms and Freezers suitable for Export