Glass Door Inserts

CoSell's modular Glass Door insert and Shelving system is suitable for both chiller and freezer applications.

Glass door inserts installed into coolrooms and freezer rooms allow operators the benefits of reduced energy costs by combining display and storage and allowing rear loading of chilled and frozen products without the need for separate refrigeration systems.

CoSell Limited design, supply and install Display Coolrooms and Freezer rooms to suit a variety of applications including:

  • Liquor Stores
  • Convenience stores
  • Specialty Food stores

We work closely with the customer to ensure the best possible utilization of the space available whilst maximizing the product display.

Download the Glass Door Insert and Shelving System infosheet.


Chiller Door Inserts

Chiller Doors - Heated Double Glazed

From $1,810.00 excl tax

Freezer Doors Inserts

Freezer Doors - Heated Triple Glazed

From $2,050.00 excl tax


Posts and Shelving

From $890.00 excl tax

Gravity Shelf

$245.00 excl tax

Price Ticket Holder

Price Ticket Holder for Insert Shelving

$10.00 excl tax