Counter Top & Under Bench

CoSell are proud to be the Australasian agents for the Dellware range of coolers.

Dellware manufacture a quality range of small coolers perfect for counter-top product promotion and under-bench storage. These chillers are extremely reliable with a wide range of features and are excellent value for money.

All models can be personalised with ex factory branding and LED door lighting to maximize the visual effect of the chiller.

Some of the world leading brands trust Dellware to produce their promotional chillers including Coca Cola, Monster and Nestle.

Dellware SC20 Milk

For automated coffee machines

$645.00 excl tax

Dellware SC20

$625.00 excl tax

Husky SC50W

$695.00 excl tax

Dellware DW40T

$535.00 excl tax

Dellware X-C 40T

$495.00 excl tax

Exquisite CTD78

$1,190.00 excl tax